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What is ACGH?

ACGH is a ghost hunting group for southern OH and northern KY. ACGH is a group of young adults that will come where ever it is we are needed to help the person in question. Whether you are just scared, frightened, scared for your safety, whatever it is we will do our best to help solve your problem. We approach our ghost hunting in a scientific way, even though two of us are mediums. We will bring equipment and set it up for a thorough investigation. We only charge a flat rate anywhere from $10-$30, depending on the size and condition of the place. So if you are in need of our help you can call me at (937) 728 8597, or leave me and e-mail at

Billy Joe McCann- Founder, Lead Investigator

Beth Newman- Lead Investigator

Jessica Culver- Investigator in training

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Winchester Cemetery- Winchester, OH

Winchester Cemetery- Ledgend has is that at this cemetey in Winchester, OH there is a statue of an angel that cries real rears. Ledgend has it the near this statue there is a ring of tombstones, and when approaching this statue, you will hear children calling out your name in a joking manor. All a memor of the past; are you willing to see this sad angel. While standing in this cemetery I didn't hear any voices or see any tears, but I did notice that the angel's eyes had what appeared to be holes in them as if she could begin crying.

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